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Big Data

Introducing a services-based, fully managed Big Data solution

Vantedge IQTM is a managed, services-based Big Data solution that delivers multi-dimensional insights with lower costs, faster turnaround times, and greater usability.

Vantedge IQTM helps companies transform big data into actionable intelligenceTM without the big costs.


  • Disparate Data Integration (Structured & Unstructured)
  • Data Cleansing and Transformation
  • Data Management


  • Performance-based Analytics Apps
  • Data Modeling (Historic & Predictive
  • Robust Segmentation


  • Dynamic and Interactive Performance Dashboards
  • Customizable User Views (Role, LOB, etc.)
  • Anytime, Anywhere Delivery


  • Interpretation
  • Expertise & Guidance
  • Prescriptive Roadmap
  • Recommended Actions

Three Powerful Engines in One Platform:

  • Big Data Processing engine
  • Analytics Apps engine
  • Visualization engine

Leverages Big Data Technologies:

  • Hadoop, MapReduce, R and traditional technologies such as Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, mySQL, etc.

Dynamic Delivery of Packaged Analytics Apps:

  • Focuses on essential areas of importance for business success
  • Based on data driven variables and business-user driven inputs
  • Includes builder, tester, scorer and optimizer (for continual recalibration)

Interactive Visualization of Insights:

  • End-user centric visualization tools such as Tableau, Qlikview, Cognos, Hyperion, etc.

Delivered as a Managed Service:

  • Zero footprint and end-to-end delivery

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