Introducing the World’s Premier Immersive Insights Application

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With patent-pending technology, VIRTEX is the future of virtual reality analytics. Gain richer, real-time consumer and stakeholder insights on…

  • Venue Design
  • Store Layouts
  • Building Architecture
  • Product Design
  • Customer Experiences
  • And More!

…all without the time nor expense associated with physical construction, and the limitations of interpreting 3D environments through flat 2D images.


Virtex engages participants in an immersive and interactive experience in contrast to traditional passive online interaction.

Virtex Immersive Experience


Meaningful metrics are collected in real time allowing viewers to watch and assess consumer experience and feedback.

Virtex Real-Time Metrics


Exclusive diagnostic framework provides you with a multi-dimensional assessment to guide and drive actionable insights.

Virtex Scorecard Example
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Virtual Reality Is Rapidly Gaining Acceptance

Analysts are projecting Head Mounted Devices (HMDs), VR accessories and VR content to be a $21.8 billion industry by 2020.

In 2018, there are expected to be 170 million active VR users worldwide with projected compound annual growth of 142% (Source: Tractica). That means 2019 is expected to have more global VR users than the population of the United States.

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