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Keep a direct pulse on your customers and prospects with Vantedge CommunitiesTM

Your customers (and potential customers) provide an extremely valuable source of insight potential that can be used to strengthen your brand, product offerings, customer relationships, and competitive position. The challenge is harnessing and transforming this opportunity into something that is easily accessible, useable, and actionable.

Vantedge CommunitiesTM are private communities built with representative groups of your customers and/or potential customers. Vantedge manages all aspects of the community on your behalf…everything from initial screening and recruiting, to ongoing maintenance, management, and refreshes to ensure optimal levels of engagement and participation.

Vantedge Rapid InsightsTM

Vantedge Rapid InsightsTM provides a real-time, web-based interface into your community. You can instantly pose questions, share creative concepts, capture feedback or monitor group dialog. Community output can be automatically downloaded into reports, transcripts, and charts to help quickly distill insights into actions.

Through Vantedge CommunitiesTM, you have 24/7 access to valuable customer input and feedback:

  • Test a new product concept idea

  • Gauge response to a new marketing campaign

  • Identify reaction to a market event or trend

  • Understand impact of competitor announcements

  • Increase loyalty and advocacy with direct customer interactions

  • Monitor customer dialog to get answers without asking

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