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Customer Relationship Optimization

Build stronger customer relationships

Customer Relationship OptimizationTM (CRO) is Vantedge's diagnostic-driven process to help companies build stronger, more valuable, and more profitable customer interactions. The CRO process complements and enhances initiatives such as Net Promoter with additional depth and guidance to proactively identify priority areas of opportunity and risk, as well as the prescriptive actions to address both effectively. CRO is proven to significantly increase customer lifetime value, profitability, and experience.

The Vantedge Relationship IndexTM and CRO process provide:

  • Identification and prioritization of key relationship drivers

  • Customer-centric products, programs, and strategies

  • Improved customer engagement, value creation, and profitability

  • Increased sales and marketing efficiency and effectiveness

  • Predictable outcomes, accelerated growth, and organizational alignment

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