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Visualization & Dashboarding

Turn mounds of data into actionable intelligence

Want to transform your complicated spreadsheets, graphs and reports into a usable and actionable resource that is easy to understand and interpret?

Vantedge Visualization & Dashboarding ServicesTM provide and on-demand resource for interactive dashboards, simulators, and performance reports that are easily understandable, accessible and customizable by various user groups (executive, manager, sales team, etc.) Data Visualization is a great way to make more of your data investments. Vantedge makes it easy for all levels of the organization to connect and benefit from fact-based decision-making.

Unlock the true power of your data and make it actionable.

Common Vantedge Data Visualizations include:

  • Interactive Performance Dashboards

  • Dynamic Survey Reporting

  • Pricing Sensitivity and Optimization Simulators

  • Interactive Buyer Opportunity Maps

  • Dynamic Brand Trackers

Contact Vantedge to learn how you can leverage the many benefits of our Data Visualization Services.