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Performance Diagnostics

Assess, benchmark and track the health of your marketing and sales initiatives to optimize performance.

Vantedge Performance DiagnosticsTM provide a multi-dimensional assessment to guide and drive your most vital business objectives:

Predictive and Prescriptive Performance Improvement...

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       Brand Image & Awareness – BrandScoreTM

Benchmark & Track Brand Health

Optimize Brand Experience

Provides a multi-dimensional, 360° assessment of your brand's image, performance, and competitive position. BrandScoreTM benchmarks is an essential tool for guiding brand strategy and positioning.

BrandScorecardsTM are developed to benchmark current brand performance, as well as ongoing tracking and measurement.

       Customer Acquisition - BuyScoreTM

Identify Best Prospects

Increase Buyer Influence & Sales Conversion

Vantedge's BuyScoreTM is used to provide a multi-dimensional assessment that identifies your "highest-opportunity" prospects and their specific drivers of purchase interest and intent.

A Buyer Opportunity Snapshot is also developed to summarize key profile information for each "high-opportunity" segment and guide highly-targeted sales & marketing initiatives.

Interactive Buyer Dashboard provides performance reporting at the buyer and segment levels to gauge progress and opportunities for ongoing refinement.

       Customer Experience - XScoreTM

Increase Customer Experience & Engagement

Increase Customer Relationship Value

XScoreTM is specifically designed to assess customer relationship health through an unparalleled level of multi-dimensional diagnostics that go far beyond simple satisfaction measurements or single-dimension Net Promoter scores. The VRI assesses attitudinal and behavioral strengths & weaknesses across five critical Relationship Value Driver categories and Performance Dimensions.

Output from the VRI is compiled into a Customer Snapshot that clearly defines key areas for improvement. Performance is measured and tracked through the an interactive performance dashboard and can be customized for executive and functional teams.

       Product Innovation & Enhancement – ProductScoreTM

Increase Product ROI & Predictability

Quantify Product Relevance & Value

The ProductScoreTM identifies opportunities to maximize product value and relevance to drive greater ROI from new product introductions or existing product enhancements. VPI scores are translated into a ProductScorecardTM that provides the basis to:

  • Target Best Potential Buyers
  • Increase Relevance & Value
  • Increase Purchase Intent

VPI is an important part of pre-launch preparation and ongoing product development activities to ensure product investments drive the anticipated take-rates and conversion levels.

       Social Influence & Engagement - SocialScoreTM

Drive Measurable ROI from Social Investments & Programs

Increase Influence and Relationship Value via Social Media

Social Relationship OptimizationTM process helps companies generate the influence and relationship value required to successfully engage customers and prospects via social media.

Vantedge's Social Relationship OptimizationTM process includes:

  • Buyer Identification & Prioritization
  • Influence & Relationship Diagnostics
  • Optimization Roadmap & Action Plan

       Marketing Effectiveness & Performance - MarketScoreTM

Increase ROI from Marketing Investments & Activities

Measure & Optimize Marketing Mix and Programs

Sales & Marketing teams are constantly under fire to do more with less. Each dollar invested must yield a measurable return. Vantedge's MarketScoreTM helps companies proactively identify where best to spend their money in order to generate the greatest ROI.

The Marketing Optimization Roadmap uses the output from the diagnostic to develop an action plan that prioritizes initiatives and resources based on ROI, and serves to align the organization around a single set of high-return priorities.

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