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Real-Time Predictive Marketing

Vantedge Real-Time Predictive Marketing combines the complex functions of real-time predictive analytics, dynamic campaign management, multi-channel message delivery and real-time ROI measurement as a managed service tailored to meet the unique needs of your organization

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Real-Time Analytics

Activate Your Own Data. Maximize Cross-Sell.

Vantedge helps organizations understand and anticipate the needs of their target audience and leverage 1st party data to deliver highly relevant and personalized advertisements at the precise moment an individual is considering a purchase. 

Through the use of Key Lifestyle Indicators (KLIs), organizations can activate all of their customer data to deliver real-time personalized messages to targeted individuals across both digital and physical channels that drive real results. You can deploy a mix of intelligent, “always on” campaigns efficiently maximizing product cross-sell and customer engagement.

Through analysis of a client's raw data, Vantedge assigns KLIs to each customer based on products they own, transactional and predictive behavior.

  • Product KLIs
  • Transactional/Behavioral KLIs
  • Competitive KLIs
  • Predictive KLIs
  • Intent KLIs
  • Control Group KLIs
  • KLI

    Campaign Management

    KLI-Driven Targeted Campaigns

    KLIs update in real-time, so targeted individuals can dynamically move in and out of campaign audiences as their transactional behavior or lifestyle changes.

    Vantedge has the ability to deliver a precise message across any channel in real time to any individual once a KLI match occurs. Campaigns are set up and left in an “always on” state, capturing targeted individuals wherever they may be.

    This is the efficiency and precision inherent in the Vantedge Real-Time Marketing Service.

    With Vantedge, organizations can leverage micro targeting to significantly increase relevancy with individual customers.

    Targeted Campaigns

    Multichannel Delivery

    Reach Customers. Anywhere. Securely.

    Vantedge enables clients to securely reach current and potential customers across all channels (both digital and assisted channels). The Real-Time Predictive Marketing service is integrated with Real Time Bidding (RTB) networks empowering organizations to anonymously target individuals across millions of web sites, delivering a personalized message to the third party site in milliseconds.

    This empowers organizations to move beyond their down physical and digital properties, harnessing the power of the open internet to maximize cross sell and customer engagement as well as new customer acquisition in a more targeted manner.

    Target individuals in real time wherever they are:
    Across both digital and assisted channels.

    Public Site  
    Private Site  
    Open Internet  
    Direct Mail  

    Mobile App  
    Call Center  

    ROI Tracking & Measurement

    Increase Cross-Sell by 397%

    Vantedge Real-Time Predictive Marketing delivers compelling results to organizations, typically within the first 90 days. Financial services organizations have been able to realize significant ROI, including:

    • • 397% increase in cross-sell of targeted financial services products
    • • 4.5 times greater engagement via the digital channel
    • • 53% decrease in the cost per product sold

    The solution tracks effectiveness by campaign and channel, and also reports actual product sales, conversions and revenue so you can understand the financial impact and effectiveness of your efforts everyday.