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Strategic Social Media

Driven by real-time analytics, Vantedge Strategic Social Marketing brings Marketing & Branding Strategy to the social & digital space. We uncover your true brand perception – What do your customers really think of your brand? And using a multi-dimensional social diagnostic, we discover exactly who these customers are with a 360-degree view – What are their primary interests and motivators? Age & gender breakdown? Influence and Location

Based on your data & current Social Performance Snapshot, we establish the optimal social strategy to achieve your overall business goals. We create custom scorecards to enable quick tracking of key performance indicators and to adjust strategy and measure associated performance to ensure your brand is optimized socially & digitally.

Strategic Social Media
Social Brand Perception

  • Conversation Tracker
  • Consumer Analysis
  • Social Performance Snapshot
  • Social Strategy & Score

  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Custom Scorecard
  • Social Measurement & Optimization

  • Performance Tracking
  • Strategy Alignment