VANTEDGE Insights & Strategy provides data-driven guidance to empower highly effective and efficient marketing. Our prescriptive solutions for primary marketing pain points are actionable and measurable so you have a one-stop shop for support across the marketing continuum.

Insights and strategy marketing continuum graphic showing brand health market definition and assessment concept and message testing customer experience and innovation and line extension and the associated tools solutions to evaluate each

Market Research – Generate valuable new insights with feedback from your target and/or existing market. We make the process simple and easy with questionnaire design, targeted panel sourcing, fast turnaround times and easy-to-digest reports/infographics.

Performance Diagnostics – Measure how much your marketing efforts are delivering on desired outcomes and modify those efforts accordingly to set your brand up for success. Through consistent use of proven tools, we ensure your goals, strategy and tactics are properly aligned.

Industry Benchmarks – Keep tabs on your brand’s performance compared to industry benchmarks to sustain/advance your place in the market. With nearly a century of combined marketing experience and brand performance analysis in a variety of different industries, we can quickly communicate how you stack up against your competitors.

Strategy & Optimization Roadmap – Leverage an objective diagnosis of your brand’s industry standing to (re)define goals, strategy and tactics. We’ll be with you every step of the way to help measure and optimize your results.

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Brand Hierarchy, Voice & Health – Given that the average consumer is exposed to nearly 10,000 brand messages a day (source:, it is imperative to have a clearly defined brand strategy so your products/services don’t get lost in the noise or confused with other brands. Become empowered with data-driven insights and prescriptive action to help your brand stand out from the crowd.

Segmentation Analysis & Personas – Identify the market segments that best align with your company’s offerings and resources to make reaching your goals a reality. Take advantage of our expertise in persona creation and analysis with prescriptive support for you to reach your most accessible, sizeable and responsive audience segments.

Multicultural Insights & Strategy – Undeniably, today’s U.S. ethnic makeup increasingly reflects the diverse world we are a part of. As multicultural consumers continue to grow in market size and spending power, brands need to integrate corresponding insights into their core business strategies. At VANTEDGE, we are well-poised to apply a multicultural lens to the work we do so you stay on the forefront of shifting cultural trends and capitalize on these imperatives.

Go-To-Market (GTM) Strategy – Whether you have a new or existing product, service and/or business to bring to market, we can act as your right hand to ensure your success. VANTEDGE has valuable experience launching successful new products and services: from market research, segmentation and pricing to strategy, execution and everything in between, your next launch is in proven hands.

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